December 29, 2004

Once more we send you…

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year

Clare and Lincoln Durst


There really isn’t much news from us this year. We’re all continuing as healthy and happy as one can be in a world as depressing as this one.

Last April – which seems like a very long time ago – I went to France with a longtime neighbor/friend, and we drove around Normandy (Giverny here) and Brittany; I went on to Berlin for a few days. Chronicle as usual is on my website: It really was a beautiful time to be in the Giverny gardens, at Mont St.Michel, and in Paris, and Berlin was a fascinating city. With luck and cooperating knees, I’ll join several friends from the zoo on a tour in Peru to Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest in May.

The summer brought the usual month on Monhegan – I’m still committed there, more than ever, but Lincoln and Jeannette stayed home (she had to work). John David and Charles and Evelyn and Sarah joined me out there as did several old friends. The welcome mat is still out next July, so let me know if you’re coming East and plan a visit. We all got together back in Barrington for a few days to celebrate Lincoln’s 80th birthday; Jeannette got her Monhegan fix when she went out with me in August.

The time since August seems to have been consumed for me with zoo volunteering and doing Monhegan work – but also reading blogs and swimming against the tide of conservatism and fundamentalism. Lincoln continues with his mathematics. A day-after-Christmas snowstorm has interrupted his routine of a daily constitutional around the neighborhood.

Young Sarah, only grandchild, (here with Jeannette at Christmas)  started Kindergarten this fall, with all that implies. She’s still much enamored with being a Princess, either Disney or Barbie, but certainly that’s better than some things young ladies of today plan their lives around. -Clare