January 1, 2002

Durst Log 2001

Happy New Year! I hope 2001 went well for you personally, in spite of all the tragedy, and that next year will be much better.

Looking at last year's letter, I find that not too much has changed for us this year. Lincoln's health is good, Jeannette passed her black-belt karate test, and I did my usual traveling, as well as continuing some freelance consulting and docenting at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. At home, we still stand at 3 cats and one dog, though age may be taking its toll there. I was in Mallorca on September 11, which was rather disorienting, but the conference I was attending/staffing (on Islands in Prehistory was interesting and I'd had a good week in London on the way there. A small hotel I'm happy to return to in London, friends I'm always welcome to visit in Deia, Mallorca, mean that I expect to travel again - but I'm committed to Cleaning Out the Attic this year. After 32 years in the same house, that's a major assignment!

The fall trip came after our usual July on Monhegan - I'm getting more and more involved there with organizations that benefit the island, first the Monhegan Museum association, for which I'm the secretary, and more lately the Monhegan Associates, for which I'm secretary and co-chair of the Ecology Committee. All of this means there's a fair amount of committee work when I'm on the island, but as they say, it's for a Good Cause, with good friends, so I'm happy to oblige. As always, we welcome friends to visit in July.

In late January I made my anticipated trip to Egypt, and enjoyed myself immensely. Given that I would NOT make such a trip today, I cherish the memories of it even more. I've got pics up on the web.

Family: Jeannette continues well, and is heading off for Kenya on the Earthwatch Black Rhino project on Jan. 19. John David reports that he and wife Susan McComb are well in San Francisco, although a rumor that he has gotten a pyrotechnic-handling license has me a bit worried. I'm delighted that his cell phone has apparently make long-distance calls cheaper, so though we haven't seen them this year, we've certainly kept in touch! Meanwhile Charles and Evelyn are well, and our one and only grandchild Sarah is thriving and beautiful, trotting through her pre-school years leaving a trail of doting relatives. Lots of family pictures if you're interested, here.

If these pictures leave you wanting more (!), look for Sarah at www.briegull.com/Sarah!HAPPY NEW YEAR! Clare and Lincoln Durst contactme@briegull.com g_lkd@ams.org