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And off we go in our Felucca..

One of the "features" of the trip was a sail from Aswan to Luxor, via felucca. The sailboat was outfitted with a foam mattress and canvas side panels for the night, and off we went, heading straight into a north wind blowing down the Nile as we went north.

This was not a recipe for a fast ride, and over the whole day we covered about 20 miles, tacking back and forth across the Nile, before giving up and tying up short of our goal, Kom Ombo. Inside the canvas "tent" of the boat it was cold, but I agree with the organizers, it WAS unforgettable.

the felucca set for sleeping
a passing felucca with man on mast
the captain confers with passing peasants
Ray and Sharon eat in felucca

Debating whether or not to continue sailing into the wind, or tie up at the bank, the boat captain talks with his peers.

We tied up early, ate inside, and froze.

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