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The Pyramids: Saqquara

The Step Pyramid

The Step Pyramid - ca. 2650 BC - is at Saqquara, and was built by the architect Imhotep for the III Dynasty king Djoser.

The area is surrounded by desert, and the entrance pylon area has been restored, but the pyramid itself is impressive and shows the way that one mastaba stacked on another had led to the development of pyramids. Excavation continues here and at Giza to this day.

From within Djoser looks out at the stars, and is startling to see through his peep-hole. And looking off into the distance, you can see the pyramids of Dashur.

Looking for Djoser

Looking in at Djoser

here he is!
who looks out at you!
A serenade at a nice outdoor restaurant
Musicians at a charming outdoor restaurant.


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