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The island of Philae was flooded completely when the High Dam at Aswan was built in the 1960s, and the temples (late, about 30th Dynasty, 450 BC) were dismantled and reassembled at the island of Agilkia; they're still quite impressive.

I kept running across words that I suddenly understand the meaning of - "deserted" and now "defaced". The defacing was done in ancient times by whoever was in power against whoever wasn't. Simple as that!

Philae from the water
from the water

first pylon at Philae

The first pylon

pharaoh on the warpath but defaced
On the warpath - but defaced
column at Philae. Looks like oyster mushroom!

Launches to island

The launches that bring you here

pylon at Philae
Detail of pylon


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