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Tombs of the Nobles and the Workers

Near the Valley of the Kings are two other areas of tombs: those of the "workers" - really the foremen, etc, not apparently the day-laborers - in Deir el Medina - and that of the Nobles in Old Gournia. Both areas are very much worth visiting. Both are still being excavated - but see the tale of Old Gourna ...

Deir el Medina
Deir el Medina, excavated town of the workers

The town of Old Gournia

Old Gourna, where the tombs of the nobles are

Entrance to Sennufer's Tomb (I think!)
Entrance to Sennefur's tomb.

Sennufer's Tomb

The dancing ladies of Sennefur's tomb

Rekhmire's Tomb

in Rekhmire's tomb

Rekhmire's Tomb

Look at the details here.

Rekhmire's Tomb

Rekhmire was the vizier under Thuthmosis III and Amenhotep II, and resonsible for taxation, justice, foreign policy. The reliefs show tribute being brought to Egypt, including African animals, and a banquet involving lady musicians, men getting massages and women getting makeup applied. Charming!

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