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Hatshepsut's Temple

Hatshepsut's funerary temple is on the west bank. The interior has been closed for a number of years (there was a terrorist massacre there in '97) but is opening again in 2002.

Hatshepsut was first appointed regent of her brother/husband's child Thutmoses III, but she declared herself pharaoh five years later and ruled about 15 years. Her temple here at Deir el Bahari was mutilated after Thutmose III led a revolt against her.

You can walk over the top of the mountain separating this site, Deir el Bahari, from the Valley of the Kings proper. People in our group did it in not much more time than it took the unfit among us to get back to the tourist bus and drive around to it.

Tomb of Hatshepsut upper level of tomb

It's beautiful there, and the whole area has now been declared excavated, conserved, whatever, by the Czechs who have been workiing there for years. So by 2002 the upper levels should again be open.

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