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Elephantine Island

Felucca ready to sail!

Our first morning in Aswan we were taken down to the dock to board our first felucca, to sail part-way across the Nile to Elephantine Island. The southern part of the island is still undergoing excavation - New Kingdom temples are great to see. On the way there we passed the First Cataract of the Nile, and once we arrived visited a great Nilometer - where, back before the Nile was dammed, the measurement of the river could predict how high the Nile would flood downstream.

The First Cataract of the Nile (numbers increase as you go south upstream)
The first cataract
The Nileometer!
The Nilometer
I'd love to work on a dig here - it was an absolutely beautiful place.
The Temple of Isis
The temple of Isis

from the dig looking back to Aswan.
And the view of Aswan.

From the excavation area we walked through a "Nubian Village" - Aswan is at the northern end of Nubia, and a lot of villagers who had lived along the edge of the Nile where it was flooded when the Aswan dam was built have been relocated to areas such as Elephantine.
Nubian child in village on Elephantine
Nubian village wall
The traditional mud-brick houses with charming decorations, the urns as they have been in all eternity.


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