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Kom Ombo and Edfu

Kom Ombo is a New Kingdom temple honoring Sobek, the crocodile-headed god, is of interest because some of the ceilings and reliefs still have good color. Besides, there's that crocodile mummy!

Sobek in stone
Sobek in flesh

Of more interest was the temple at...


Although late, Greco-Roman, about 200 BC, Edfu is a beautiful temple, with ceiling intact/ reconstructed. It honors the god Horus.

Other than Abu Simbel, it was the first full-size temple we'd seen and we were very impressed. It was also very crowded. To get there we took a mini-bus from Kom Ombo, and had to stop at security check points, which showed again the beauty of the irrigated lands along the edge of the Nile.

the east bank security check-point

first pylon at Edfu

the Temple at Edfu, and the god Horus



the inevitable souk within reach of the tour busses.

the souk at Edfu

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