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The Pyramids:
The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid

The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid (which can be seen from Saqquara, and which are near the same age as the Step Pyramid - ca. 2600 BC) are at Dashur. Both were built by Seneferu, the father of Cheops. They've only been open to the public in modern times for the last few years - they were part of a military reservation before.

Like Saqquara, the area is surrounded by desert, and is not heavily tourist-ridden, so the feeling there is of isolation - deserted, as it were.

The Bent pyramid had been started at 52 degrees of elevation, then changed to 43, so it looks a bit off-kilter.

The Red Pyramid is in my mind the most beautiful of all, and it's possible to go down within it on a safe ramp. From within you look up to the inner heights. Unforgettable.

Bent Pyramid - note exterior casing
The Bent Pyramid

Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

Entrance to Red Pyramid
you can see the entrance to the interior here
looking down...
looking down from the entrance

and back up from inside

and up the ramp into the interior from inside

Looking up into the Red Pyramid
looking up into the interior of the pyramid
Henry looking
with Henry holding the light.


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