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The basic rule is, temples on the East bank, tombs on the West. So on the east bank in Luxor are the temples of Karnak and Luxor, with an avenue of sphinxes running between. We stayed in a good in-town hotel, the Emilio, and walked or took caliches everywhere there. As in Aswan, the east bank is lined with cruise ships. It's impossible to describe how out-of-place these ships appear, and how annoying it is to have the whole riverside occupied by them.

The town of Luxor is nice enough, although the people in the souk are probably more agressive and annoying and persistant than they are even in Khan-al-Khalili in Cairo or certainly in the rather laid-back souk in Aswan.

Our hotel, with comfortable rooms and a good buffet, had a floorshow. It hadn't really occurred to us that belly-dancers might be not-quite-young, or whirling dervishes not-quite-caught-up-in religious fervor, but there they were, and actually the show was quite entertaining!

And seeing the sun set over the West Bank of the Nile from the Corniche at Luxor is not to be forgotten.

belly dancer
whirling dervish


and as the sun sinks slowly in the west...

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