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The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is more than a bit prettified. You take zoo-trains from the Visitor Center (shop!) to the beginning of the tombs, and all of the entrances have been regularized and cleaned up. HOWEVER: once you get inside the entrances, the tombs themselves are spectacular. We saw the Ramses tombs (Ramses II, then Merenptah and Ramses V/VI) and I was astonished at how beautiful they are and how much is still intact.

the zoo-trains
the zoomobiles take you into the valley

walking into the valley. Look at the left of the natural pyramid and you'll see the pass to Hatshepsut's tomb.

and from here you can see the natural pyramid above the valley. To go to Hatshepsut's temple, you walk to the left of the pyramid.

a tomb outside
Entrance to a Ramses' tomb
entrance interior
and inside..
the scarab and the sun
the scarab is a dung beetle. It pushes the sun over the horizon.
The goddess Nut spreads darkness over the world.

(You can take pictures inside without flash, and I had some 800 film. There is electric lighting here.)

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