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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

exterior of Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is a starting point for learning about Pharonic Egypt, and we dutifully went there the first morning after arriving. It was begun when the French archaeologist August Mariette recognized the importance of keeping some of the multitude of Egyptian artifacts in Egypt, though a great many had already been dispersed around the world, and worked to establish the collection in 1858; the Museum itself was built in 1902. That's actually 30+ years after the Museum of Natural History in NYC was built, but the wide spacious halls and wooden cabinets do bespeak an earlier time. They're working at updating the signage, the lack of which is the major drawback to the displays.

central hall
cases of figures
I, however, enjoy this style, and spent several hours wandering through, both at the beginning and at the end of my trip.
The Egyptian passion for cats, both inside and outside the Museum, was noted!
and out
cats, cats, inside
The Museum has its share of interesting, if ancient, people...
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