Yesterday evening was clear and beautiful so I went over to Tivoli, which is only a few blocks from the hotel. I found it completely enchanting, everything I had always thought of it being. The rides– I didn’t take any — look scary and the teenagers were having a blast. The adult area of good restaurants, and a lake, and flowers, is beautiful. I ate in a perfectly good but not outstanding “new Danish” cuisine restaurant, MadKlubben, and had a strip steak and a Caesar salad. Don’t know what was Danish about that but never mind. The waitress put her arm around me as i was leaving and wished me a safe journey.

Since I’d gone over late so that I’d be there in the dark, for the lights, I went around photographing everything in sight! A guard stopped me to say there was going to be “illuminations” on the lake shortly, so I walked over. Came across two adorable little girls about nine years old. One was competently using a cell phone and the other was sobbing. I stopped and asked if they were lost (in English) and the cell phone one confirmed it. They were there with a school group but someone was coming for them. She was pretty good with her English! I hailed a guard and he talked to them a moment and said he would wait with them until the chaperone came. And I went over to see the illuminations on the lake which were the usual dancing waters and dancing lights, but quite beautiful.

I was pretty exhausted, so when I saw the Wagamamas restaurant which has one restaurant with two entrances, I went in the park one and out the door on the other side, near my hotel.