Am I happy with the way the trip turned out? Absolutely. On the logistics side, only two glitches in the itinerary, not entirely my fault: First, I didn’t plan for my time in Bergen to be part of a four-day holiday weekend for Norwegians, where they would pack the town and bask in the uncommon sun and fill the overnight train going back to Oslo so that there were NO seats or beds available on it. I had to spend an extra night in Bergen, and the time travelling to Stockholm in the daytime was rather boring.

And second, Concord Bus changed their schedule, giving me an extra hour of cooling my heels in their bus station in Portland. An annoying end.

A more irritating problem was that my suitcase, the Rick Steves rollaround that I had used before, in the States, was too big and unwieldy for getting on and off the trains. If there hadn’t been nice big nordic gentlemen everywhere I went, I would have had problems.

I wasn’t sure the Scanrail pass was the most economical way to travel but if I were going to take the train, yes, it was, by a factor of maybe 20%.  I wasn’t really interested in flying from place to place, even though getting to and from the airports seem to be much easier than in the States.