Yesterday evening was clear and beautiful so I went over to Tivoli, which is only a few blocks from the hotel. I found it completely enchanting, everything I had always thought of it being. The rides– I didn’t take any … Continue reading

Copenhagen redux


So: I am on the bus from Boston to Portland. Every connection on this whole trip has gone smoothly, and this was no exception, although I didn’t really expect to spend an hour running between gates in Frankfurt. Enormous, confusing … Continue reading

On to Tallin


Back on a boat, this time leaving Tallin. This one, the Baltic Queen, seems more upscale than the Victoria I rode away from Stockholm on, and accordingly the passengers seem more upscale! I have no idea how one could time … Continue reading

Stockholm spin


So, Stockholm. I arrived at the Red Boat hostel/hotel around nine at night, dead tired from a day of doing nothing. Tiny, clean room, but you had to ask for the towel, the glass for water, and though there were … Continue reading


The Bryggen, wooden

What can you say about a day when the most memorable thing about it, other than the weather, was the hotel breakfast! The breakfast, part of the deal at this pricey Bergen hotel, is truly outstanding. Lasted me much of … Continue reading

Walking Copenhagen


I’m getting used to being in a European capital again. Narrow streets, fancy sculptures and details put there in 18th-century or even earlier, and people bustling in every direction. Here in Copenhagen it is bicycles bicycles bicycles. They have their … Continue reading