The Pot Village Near Phi Mai

One day we went out to a "pottery village" to see the way current-day pots are being made - still just as they were made at the time of the burials thousands of years ago. (Left: one of the ones we uncovered at the dig)
The newly-made pots, created from clay dug off the banks of the local Mun (Moon) river, and fortified with a "temper" or grog made of rice hulls and baked clay, are formed with a paddle and an "anvil" - a mushroom shaped device jammed into the clay - on the stump of a tree. The potter walks around a pot sitting on a stump instead of turning it on a wheel.
The pots are placed out to dry...
And then taken in a cart
to the spot where they'll be fired.
They're placed on a bed of dry banana and palm fronds, covered with rice straw.
The firing takes about 45 minutes.
And then they're finished, baked hard and red, and ready to use!

ęClare Durst 1997