Blue Monday

People seem to delight in this image by Rockwell Kent of the village on the edge of Maine, so I've had a print made of it (with permission of Brown University who owns it) and it's available for purchase. It's 18"x24", on high-quality acid-free paper and very suitable for framing - not a cheap poster, in other words, and I sell it for $30.00 including s/h. If you're interested contact me at

(obviously it doesn't say Property of Brown University; that's there to prevent the image being used without attribution.)

Rockwell Kent spent several summers painting on Monhegan, having been introduced to it by Robert Henri in 1905. He made many large paintings of the landscape of the island but at that early time relatively few paintings with houses or people in them. This is one of two paintings of that scene (now the Shining Sails guesthouse) on the island; the other one is in a museum in Armenia. This one was in the Beaux Arts show in Manhattan in 1911 and was probably painted around 1905.

Kent's papers were left to the Smithsonian and can be found described on a website there. He describes in It's Me O Lord the circumstances surrounding the Independent Exhibit at the Beaux Arts gallery.