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...Ostia Antica

...The Cats

& Capri

... Pompeii

In 1956 I went with friends to Italy as part of our "grand tour."

Fifty years later, I returned on my own in May and June, 2006.

The first week I travelled on my own, to Assisi, Florence, and Venice.

The second and third weeks I participated in an Earthwatch project on Medicinal Plants in Antiquity, going off to Sorrento and Capri on our mid-project weekend. When I could, in Rome, after work and after the project ended, I visited the traditional tourist sites.

I feel like I've gotten the travel-alone thing down pat by now and love the combination of being by myself part of the time and with a group another part. I've read back over my diary from the trip in 1956, and found that this time that I enjoyed wandering museums less than before and wandering the cities much more, investigating new foods and trying out my pitiful Italian. I was surprised that so many places seemed familiar to me, even after all this time. I never felt satisfied with the time I had alloted to spend in any place, so maybe this is just Part One of my return to Italy.

The Earthwatch team was great, as always! Alain and Emmanuelle are marvelous P.I.s and our particular little gang of research novices got along well.

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