Helga Houmere, educator, naturalist, and now memoirist...

Helga Houmere, born in Germany in 1919, lived through the Second World War as a young woman, losing two fiancees. She studied early childhood education at the Pestalozzi-Froebel Seminar in Berlin and Hamburg. 

In 1954 she emigrated to the United States in great part because she did not like the way children were treated in German schools. She received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Teachers' College/ Columbia University.  For twenty years she was the director of the International Nursery School in Queens, NY.  

Helga discovered Monhegan Island in the 1950s and has spent summers there ever since. She met the painter Walter Houmere there and married him.

On Monhegan Island, as a naturalist, she gave Nature Walks for over thirty years, her special interests Monarch butterflies and tidal pools.  She headed the Ecology Committee for the Monhegan Associates for many years and is still active as a volunteer at the Monhegan Museum. 

Since her retirement she has traveled throughout the world.  She has served on the Board of Directors and treasurer of CUE (Continuing Unlimited Enrichment) and as a tour guide at the Museum of Natural History.

At the age of 87, Helga lives in Queens with her paintings and plants. In 2006, she had a successful summer selling her memoirs on Monhegan Island.

  • 1919: Helga Houmere is born in Germany.
  • 1954: She comes to the USA .
  • 1957 : She comes to Monhegan
  • Somewhere in the 1970s: She starts giving nature walks on Monhegan
  • 1999: She is given a word processor for her 80 th birthday and starts writing her memoirs..
  • Spring 2006: The memoirs are turned into a book by Norma Marder, who edited them, and Clare Durst, who published them.
  • July 2006 : The memoirs are a success! Helga has autograph parties which she enjoys mightily.


Learning From a Lost Childhood
240 pages, with illustrations,
ISBN 978-1-4243-2903-8
Copyright Helga Houmere & Clare Durst,
published by BrieGull Enterprises.

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