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Paris (see links to photos below)

We managed to drive into Paris on Easter Monday, using our Michelin directions, and find our hotel on Rue Cler, drop our luggage, and return the car to Roissy without having a wreck. I'm proud of that but do have to confess that it was a major holiday - traffic was relatively light.

We settled into our Hotel Leveque room on Rue Cler with relief. Bless Rick Steves' heart: this is a charming hotel which is probably one of the most efficient ones we've seen: reading lights above the bed, spacious wardrobe and surface spaces; and on a delightful market street. I'd been worried that "market street" meant "wake me up at 4 a.m." but the fishmonger across the way doesn't start receiving his wares until the civilized hour of seven! Each day we'd have a croissant (called, interestingly, a "viennoise" on the chit) at the market cafe, then pick up cheese and fruit, or a sandwich to nibble on, and sometimes we ate dinner there or at one of the restaurants nearby.

Although both Joan and I had been to Paris a couple of times before, and hence felt no need to do some of the more routine tourist "musts" we found the Eiffel tower appealing to photograph; we visited Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, and spent hours in the Cluny Museum. Joan got out her sketchpads and pens and I walked my legs off visiting unfamiliar Arrondisements. I also popped up like a gopher from the Metro at La Defense, looked around, and went back down!

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Rue Cler

The Left Bank

The Right Bank

On Friday, Joan returned home, and I continued on to Berlin.